International Students


Study Permits and Visas

Studying in Canada is an excellent opportunity to gain a global education, dive further into your career, develop a sense of community, and walk away with incredible peers and fond memories. However, international students require a study permit to begin learning in an institution in Canada.

To apply for a study permit, depending on what country you are travelling from, you must submit an application, along with fees and any supporting documentation. Remember that a study visa is a document specifically issued for travel purposes and does not compare to a study permit. The permit is required if you would like to stay in Canada and study; the visa is only for travel purposes, and its rules and exceptions are different.

Esna Law PC has extensive knowledge to help you navigate the process without concern. We also work tirelessly with many foreign nationals who contact us from overseas to begin the process.

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Gtaduation Work Permits


Post-Graduation Work Permits

Students who have graduated from a qualified Canadian institution, might be able to stay in Canada under a work permit. Doing so will grant you valuable work experience in a field where you can apply the skills you just learned. To be eligible for this program, there are a few criteria that are necessary to have met prior to applying. Esna Law PC is aware of the criteria and can guide you if it’s applicable to your situation.


Canadian Express Class

Through the Canadian Experience Class program (“CEC”) a skilled worker with experience in Canada may be eligible to apply for permanent residency. This class only applies to people who are skilled workers with Canadian work experience. At Esna Law PC, we assess your application and the likelihood of being selected under the CEC program. We also, upload your online profile, and once your Invitation to Apply is received, we prepare your full permanent residency application package. There are a few hurdles to overcome with these applications, but Esna Law PC can help those struggling with understanding the requirements of these processes. Please note, that there are education, language, admissibility, and various other requirements you to have meet to qualify for this class.

Canadian Express Class