Federal Court


Stays of Removal

In some instances, if an individual has been issued a removal order, they might be able to apply for a stay of removal. This, in other words, is a stoppage of the removal order.

These procedures can be requested either with the Immigration Appeal Division or the Federal Court of Canada. Regardless of which body the request is going to, the timeline on these cases is extremely quick moving. As removal orders are binding documents, and if not obeyed can result in severe consequences, stays of removal are just as vital to be followed properly and timely.

Stays of Removal


Applications for Leave & Judicial Review

There are instances where applications are refused. It can feel isolating and helpless to continuously have to fight to prove your case, understandably. As difficult as it might be, there are options after a refusal that might be available to you.

Filing an Application for Leave and Judicial Review provides a new avenue for you and pushes your case to the Federal level. During this process, you will be asked to provide documentation to the Federal Court Judge presiding over your case. If there is a positive finding, your matter will be sent back to the deciding body that refused it in the first place. Except for this time, the decision will be made by another official or officer of that tribunal or deciding body. Federal Court processes are document-heavy and operate on a set schedule. As litigators, we have extensive knowledge of these types of cases and are no strangers to the documents, deadlines, and expectations.